Shipping & Delivery

Purchases are shipped using the United States Postal Service, according to the postal service option identified at time of purchase. International Orders are shipped via Airmail or International Priority. All purchases will be shipped within two-four business days.

Note: E-book and MP3 purchases are not shipped, but are made available for download through links sent directly by electronic email to the email address provided. Receipt of these purchases should be within 24 hours maximum if the item is noted as available. These links may be accessed more than once for a period of 30 days, at which time the links becomes inactive. All download links are for use ONLY by the purchaser (not for copy or resale - see Copyright policy). If you need to access your download link after the 30-day window, please contact us at for assistance.

Return Policy

If at any time, you are not satisfied with your purchase(s), please contact us at for assistance.