Eliminating the death program; Walking immortality in the physical body; You are an Immortal, a member of the Deathless Race. (Sixteen Lessons)

Lesson 1: The Immortal Soul and Your Destiny
Lesson 2: After Death
Lesson 3: No World But My World
Lesson 4: No Time
Lesson 5: The Realization of Immortal Life
Lesson 6: Be of Good Cheer
Lesson 7: Letting Go Into
Lesson 8: Consciousness of Immortality
Lesson 9: Building the Body of Light
Lesson 10: My Kingdom is at Hand
Lesson 11: The Whole You
Lesson 12: The Immortal Life
Lesson 13: The Solar Lift
Lesson 14: Believe in Your Self
Lesson 15: Be About the Father's Business
Lesson 16: The Immortals

As a special note, this course is also part of the Priesthood degree. (Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches, spiral-bound)