Introducing an exciting new process of awakening your angelic qualities. As the angel speaks, the vibration or the angel begins to lift you into a joyous feeling of discovery and self-worth.

Author's Note: Much to my surprise and delight, as I sat down to write this series of lessons, not knowing what would be said and written on these pages, I discovered the heartbeat of the angels! I know you will be as surprised and as delighted as I am when you enter into the angelic kingdom through this course. Wonderful, new information is released and generously shared by the angelic teachers and recorders. Wise words of healing for the planet, caretaking of our environment, building of a new community under the Solar Confederacy. Indeed, we as humans, are welcomed so hardily and with such love, how can anyone not walk through the door into the world of light? This is their invitation to us, to enter in. (Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches, spiral-bound)