Adventures in Being! A Revolution in Conscious Awareness.

Open the door to the youth within you, the infinite one you are in truth. The Immortal Babaji joins me in this lesson series; and it promises to be fun! The emphasis in this course is to live the New World Consciousness and release concepts of old, crystallized thinking and beliefs. Seven lessons in immortal living that defy the laws of aging, dependency and other traps of mortal thinking! Exercises and affirmations are included.

This course was conceived because I have seen too many giant souls chained by the world. I want to help those who are ready to be free of mortal fears, to be free of the traps and chains of mortality. The revolution I offer is one of breaking through the veils of humanhood, a stepping into the raging waters of challenging new ideas and principles. Will you come?

The battle is not over yet. We have much to do on earth. Come, reclaim your eternal youth! No age, no retirement, no life insurance! Come!

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