Lesson Eight, Inner Voice, is the eighth e-booklet in the College of New Learning Series, Degree I.

This lesson includes: Introduction * Suggestions for Study and Contemplation * The Inner Voice * Creative Intent * Seek and You Will Find and All the Universe Will Obey * I Give You Power * Stand in My Power and Decree with Me My Word * Speak Your Decree * Even as You Move * Your Solar Self and the Inner Voice * Some Words About Kundalini * Disciplines * The Priesthood * The Dissolving of Illusion * Intelligent Listening * More Power * I AM the Omnipresence * The Sacred Power of All Life * God Is One * A New Station in the Etheric * The Inner Voice: Cooperative Intelligence * Higher Mathematics * The Testing Time * Be in the Now * Affirmations * The Christ Voice * Glossary of Terms. (Dimensions 8.5'x.03"x5.5")

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