Learning to apply power to your life. The Inner Voice and its function through your throat: the sound that made the heavens and the earth.

Table of Contents: Lesson One: The Golden Way * The Federation of Love; Lesson Two: Following The Way; Lesson Three: Remaining Intuitive * The Sacred Logos; Lesson Four: Blessed Are the Meek * The Center; Lesson Five: The Sanctity of This Earth: She Is the Mother * I AM of God * The Power of Feelings * You Are Your Own Universe Complete; Lesson Six: You Have The Power * Message to the Initiates * Living in Harmony * The Power of Decision; Lesson Seven: The Natural Way * In Line with the Universe * In Summary; Lesson Eight: Entering a New World * Opening to the Son of God * Opening to the New Way * A Word about Melchizedek; Lesson Nine: From the Centerpoint Out * The Universal Supply * The Program of Light; Lesson Ten: The God Center * Believe in the Impossible. It Shall Be Done; Lesson Eleven: Let the Light Become * There Is a New World Emerging: a World of Light * Take Up the Body of Life; Lesson Twelve: Today Is the Day * The Body Perfected and Adored * The Living Idea I AM * The Birth of a New Race * The Twin Flame (Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches, spiral-bound)

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