This 60-minute recording introduces the No Death Program and invites you to be a wayshower in this program of power over matter. Introduced by Sananda and Creator Michael.

Does the thought of death affect your life? Would you like to be living without death? If so, this 60-minute recording assists you to truly live and put into practice a consciousness of no death. This recording is excellent for group meditation and practice. Sananda and Creator Michael address the body of light for all humanity, the immortal body and the robes of fire. You'll find support in declaring your immortality, taking command of your life and the body that you have constructed that you might be seen as a sun -- a body of light. Also included are words of Sananda on abundance and selfless service.

"Living Without Death is the universal program for our planet. You had better get used to it!" says Sananda.

(1997) 60 min.

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