Lesson Twenty-Seven, The Higher Mind and Reality Circuits of the New World, is the twenty-seventh e-booklet in the College of New Learning Series, Degree I.

This lesson includes: Have the Courage to be Different * The Body and Mind are One * A Challenge to Be Met * Think with the Light * The Omnipresence of God * The GodSelf * Have No Other * A Reminder * Higher Mind Activity * New Worlds of Discovery *Thinking Makes You Free * Listen to the Christ Within, Your Creative Intelligence or Heart Intelligence * The Secret of the Immortals and the Dimension of Be-ing * The Building of the Temple * The Mathematics of Be-ing * Open to the Mind Rhythm * Who Are You? * The Divine Idea * Your Ascension in Me * Divine Identity * Life Intended * Questions for Review. (Dimensions 8.5"x.03"x5.5")

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