A limited edition beautiful 16"x20", Returning To Light print by angel artist Lotus Wilkerson (www.angel-fine-art.com).

This picture was inspired by the following story: "A doctor was attending a child who was very ill. 'As I turned to pick up my medical bag, I saw a beautiful lady approaching the child's crib. I knew that I was not observing any member of any earthly family. The lovely being bent over the crib...and then took the spirit form of the child into its arms and passed right through the wall of the nursery with the child cradled next to her breast'." (From Angels Over Their Shoulders: Children's Encounters With Heavenly Beings - Sherry Steiger, Brad Steiger)

The print is available on art paper or canvas and is a limited edition. There will only be 500 prints distributed in art paper format and only 300 distributed in canvas. They are museum-quality Giclee prints reproduced with the finest archival inks on acid-free, fine-art papers and canvas - signed and numbered by the artist. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the print including the date created, the original medium used and the number of that particular print. Please allow 3-4 business days for this item to ship.