A vision quest for teens and adults. Here is a magical entrance into a Bright New World, a world of creative potential and companionship with all life. It is a natural initiation for the young person who feels the stretch coming to break a mold, to find a purpose and to seek the wonder of all life.

Enter the world of partnership now. It is a time of revelation and great movement on this planet where all living beings become recognized as partners with Mother Earth. Open to the real world, the world filled with friendly animals who talk and teach with wisdom. These are the animal partners of our bright new world. Oh, they have always been here, but for the most part unrecognizable due to the basic ignorance within humanity. Yet, this lack of understanding and receptivity to great intelligence can be corrected.

This booklet complements Six Lessons with Delphi and Teaching Delphi, and is a helpful resource for parents and Teacher-Partners. (Dimensions 8.5"x.38"x5.5")