The complete, boxed set of four recordings, covering the following topics: The inner voice and the governance of Creator Michael; The Creative Power and the Cosmic Mother; The revelation of the GodSelf; New Dimensional Teachings and Higher Mind Fusion.

"You are seated in the God Center of the universe. This is an everlasting seat, and has been given as the place for all to be. Now in this place of unification and divine love, be rested. Be stimulated for you have to work from this place, seemingly, with the fires of my love extended through your hands and mouth, through your eyes as portals of my life intended, as living lights of the universe complete. You are divine masters of divine intelligence waking up to who you are. And when you live from this place, the center of all life, your mastership is seen and heard completely and you are at peace with yourself and everything and everyone else."

Three 60 minute and one 90 minute recordings.