Full Title: Teaching Delphi - Training Teachers to Be Like Children.

A Six Lessons with Delphi syllabus for Teacher-Partners. Teaching Delphi highlights the themes and student-teacher interactions that are emphasized in the lessons, provides an outline of the written and experiential learning exercises that are included in each lesson, and offers supplemental activities and questions.

Can be read by all ages. Young people will be inspired and motivated to help the earth to heal, while adults may rediscover the Circle of Life. Teachers and facilitators will be challenged to use their imagination and their passion for life in presenting this program of partnership on earth.

Delphi is the heart of every child and youthful person. She is the happiness and joy of a world realized in community. Perhaps more important than anything, Delphi is the remembrance of the child in all of us, teacher and student, parent and child. (Dimensions 11"x.3"x8.5", spiral-bound)