A humorous, wonderful adventure as Golden Retriever Delphi introduces a voice of sanity to the present system of education. Read it. Enjoy. And then take Delphi's advice: Let the Kids do it! Magical illustrations by 8 year-old Grace serve as a further encouragement that children know the way. This is a fun-filled booklet focused upon a new approach to education. Prepare not to critique it, although the educator part of you would love to! Have fun. Let your imagination be stimulated and don't hold back the laughs. Even so, this is serious business. Listening to Delphi will stretch your mind and perhaps even set you on a path of new adventure, amazing discovery, and freedom. This booklet complements Six Lessons with Delphi and Teaching Delphi, and is a helpful resource for parents and Teacher-Partners. (Dimensions 8.5"x.13"x5.5")