Six Lessons with Delphi - How to Live Happily with All Life - An Earth Partnership Manual For All Ages - is an uplifting, illustrated, practical guide to living in the circle of life. Paper-back, perfect bound.

Golden Retriever Delphi reminds children they are special and very important to the Creator. With a simple, inviting style, Delphi emphasizes respect, kindness and friendship amongst all life as the key to happiness on Mother Earth.

The themes of the six lessons are: the kind heart * the world of partnership * the laws of the circle of life * angels and nature spirits * working together to help Mother Earth * and communicating by listening with the heart.

For children, family, school, community groups, and the young at heart. Suggested ages 5-10 (although adults love Delphi too!) (Dimensions 6 x 9 inches, perfect-bound)