A limited edition beautiful 16"x20" Guardian Angel print by angel artist Lotus Wilkerson (www.angel-fine-art.com). A Guardian Angel watches over a family of children. "A very old tradition says that guardian angels are appointed to children at the time of their birth, and our research into contemporary accounts of these multi-dimensional beings verifies that angels do have a special interest in protecting children, almost as if they were ethereal surrogate parents.." (From Angels Over Their Shoulders: Children's Encounters With Heavenly Beings - Sherry Steiger, Brad Steiger.) The print is available on art paper or canvas and is a limited edition. There will only be 500 prints distributed in art paper format and only 300 distributed in canvas. They are museum-quality Giclee prints reproduced with the finest archival inks on acid-free, fine-art papers and canvas - signed and numbered by the artist. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the print including the date created, the original medium used and the number of that particular print. Please allow 3-4 business days for this item to ship.