You are entering the world of the master. More is asked, more is given. A deep and mystical series.

Table of Contents: An Introduction; Lesson One: Merging With The Creator * The Full Ascension Is with You * Living in the One ; Lesson Two: The Fullness Thereof * The New Dimension * Identity; Lesson Three: Who You Are * Message of the One * I Have become You for a Purpose; Lesson Four: The Beloved: Transmuting the Energy into Love * Taking Command * Back to Love and the Beginning; Lesson Five: Melchizedek Law: Releasing Oneness into All Life * The Urgency; Lesson Six: The Quickening Change * The Human Cycle Is Over * The Light Form; Lesson Seven: Developing a Closer Union with the God Within * It Is Time; Lesson Eight: Your Reality is Who You Are * Rest in What Already Is * The Vibration I AM * The Earth Change and Planetary Vision; Lesson Nine: The God Center Is You * Living the Life I AM; Lesson Ten: Learning to Live in the Fifth Dimension * The Land of Love; Lesson Eleven: The Crystal Intelligence * Glossary of Terms; Lesson Twelve: The New World Is the Master's Gate * Happiness Is "I AM" * Cosmic Be-ing. (Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inches, spiral-bound)

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